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Are you embarking on your inaugural marijuana tour? Looking for additional details about our tours and travel packages?

Find answers in our FAQ section below, or feel free to reach out to us at  or (720) 840-7576 for personalized assistance.

Question: What is The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: The Cannabis Experience is the premier luxury mobile cannabis lounge and tour service. Our mobile cannabis lounge is thoughtfully equipped with water, snacks, hemp paper, lighters, grinders, volocons, and all the amenities to ensure the perfect 420 experience. When it comes to where to smoke in Denver, this is the ultimate destination!

Question: How does The Cannabis Experience work?

Answer: The Cannabis Experience offers a diverse range of guided tours, pop-up events, parties, and other experiences seamlessly blending weed consumption with a variety of entertaining activities. Explore our art tours, where creativity meets cannabis, or join our glass blowing tours for a hands-on artistic experience. From grow tours to food-oriented experiences, nightlife tours, and more, there is always a Cannabis Experience pot tour to satisfy your desires.

Question: How long are The Cannabis Experience tours?

Answer: Most tours with The Cannabis Experience are approximately 2.0-2.5 hours in duration and encompass 2-5 destination stops.

Question: What is The Cannabis Experience like?

Answer: Aboard the party bus, The Cannabis Experience offers the opportunity to consume cannabis any way you choose in an ultra-comfortable multimedia environment. Enjoy curated music videos and immerse yourself in the ambiance of a hippie flower-themed bus or a psychedelic mushroom-themed bus that stimulates the senses. All the while, we take you to great establishments around the city that offer special discounts to our valued customers.

Question: Is it legal with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. With the distinction of being the nation’s first licensed cannabis bus, it is completely legal to smoke marijuana, vaporize dabs, or ingest edibles in the rear partition of our private vehicle.

Question: Are there age restrictions with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Certainly. To board The Cannabis Experience weed bus, individuals must be 21 years or older. Medical cards for those aged 18 are not accepted; the minimum age requirement is 21. Please ensure your ID is both valid and not expired, as we strictly enforce a 21+ age policy.

Question: Does The Cannabis Experience provide cannabis?

Answer: No, The Cannabis Experience does not sell, distribute, give away, or offer free samples of any cannabis products. However, we have exclusive partnerships with select dispensaries, providing our riders with special discounts on their chosen cannabis products.

Question: How many people can the bus accommodate?

Answer: The Cannabis Experience mobile cannabis lounge features comfortable limo-style seating for up to 12 passengers.

Question: Do you serve food and drinks on the bus with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Yes, The Cannabis Experience provides the option to purchase food and beverages directly on the bus. We recommend ordering F&B when you book your ticket to ensure availability.

Question: Are there handicap accommodations with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Unfortunately, The Cannabis Experience buses are not wheelchair accessible.

Question: What is the cancellation policy if I want to cancel my ticket with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Tickets are refundable up to 50% until 24 hours before the scheduled event, provided you have cancellation protection. After this period, no refunds are available. For ticket exchanges or refunds, please reach out to us at (720) 840-7576 or email us at

Question: What happens if I miss the tour with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: We will honor your ticket for 60 days from the original tour date.

Question: Do you provide group discounts with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Absolutely! Group discounts are available. Simply send us an email at with your group details, and we’ll be delighted to collaborate with you on it.

Question: If I purchased the tour from a reseller like Eventbrite, Book Your Guide, or Groupon, can I get a refund through The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Tickets bought through resellers such as Eventbrite, Book Your Guide, or Groupon are subject to the policies of the respective reseller. For a refund, you would need to engage with the specific reseller and follow their refund policy.

Question: What is the cost to book the bus for a private event with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: Charter service is available for $150 to $225 per hour, depending on the day, with a 3-hour minimum rental. To inquire about specific dates and to book our services for your event, please contact us. Discounted rates may be available, and a 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. For further information, direct your inquiries to

Question: How can I advertise with The Cannabis Experience?

Answer: We offer various marketing packages designed to help grow your business. If you’re a marijuana dispensary, restaurant, or any other legal cannabis-related business, check out our Marketing Packet and for further information, direct your inquiries to